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Reusable Single Zip Waterproof Nappy Wet Bag — Palm Leaf

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A must-have addition to the modern baby bag! 

This medium size, reusable wet bag is designed to secure clean or dirty nappies. Made from durable, waterproof PUL, each medium sized nappy bag has a single zip and convenient snap loop-handle. Also ideal for keeping bathers or toiletries clear of dry clothes, food, books and other valuables. 30cm x 40cm and will fit 6-7 cloth nappies. Take to daycare, the beach, pool or camping! 

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Made from durable, waterproof PUL.
Snap loop-handle to attach to door hooks, handles and strollers.
Can fit 6-7 cloth nappies.
Stain and odor-resistant. 
Lightweight. Great for travelling. 


30cm x 40cm. 


Wash by hand or machine wash in cold water. A hot cycle will damage the waterproof outer shell. Do not tumble dry.