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About Us

SOMMERFUGL KIDS launched in July 2019 in Melbourne, Australia with a small range of baby t bar shoes and sandals in gorgeous colours, from cinnamon tan to wisp pink and cloud grey.

We have since expanded our range to include an array of baby and toddler headbands, bows and turbans as well as summer essentials like heart and flower shaped sunglasses and cute sun hats.

Our silicone feeding sets are also a new addition and are one of our best selling items! We only recently launched a range of baby wet nappy bags and portable baby change mats and in March we will be revealing some gorgeous new cloth nappies in natural, earthy prints.

We offer free shipping for all orders over $60 and ship same day.

Our returns process is fluid and we pride ourselves on exceptional, personalised customer service. If you're interested in becoming one of our brand ambassadors, please get in touch. We'd love your help to spread the word about Sommerfugl Kids.


The Danes and Norwegians use the word sommerfugl as a word for "butterfly." It is composed of sommer, which means “summer”, and fugl, which means “bird”. The literal meaning of sommerfugl is therefore “summer bird”. Which makes sense if you consider that butterflies appear in the summer — never in winter — and that they fly around like birds!

P.S. Keep an eye out for our new range of SOMMERFUGL KIDS baby toys and kids bedroom decor in July 2020.