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Ambassador Program

Do you have a little one under 2 years old? 

Do you love our range of shoes (t bars and sandals), headbands, sunglasses, reusable food pouches, bows, bibs and smocks?

Do you love taking and sharing your images on Instagram?

If you answered 'yes' to the above questions, we'd love to give you the opportunity to join our ambassador program.

How to apply: 

To be selected as an ambassador and to join our program, simply send us a DM via instagram @sommerfuglkids or email (subject line: Brand Ambassador) with the following info:

+ your name and the name of your little one; and

+ your Instagram handle (which will need to be public). 

What you receive:

+ 30% off everything in our store, excluding feeding sets*; and

+ a unique follower discount code to share on your social media accounts.^ Every time this code is used, you can elect to receive 10% from the sale paid into your PayPal account or you can double it and receive it as an instore credit! We track everything through the number of times your discount code has been used. 

What we need from you:

+ a public Instagram account; and

+ 5 Instagram posts per month of you using, or your little one wearing our products, tagging @sommerfuglkids and your unique follower code.

Your images may be used on our social media pages but will be credited  back to you.  Our ambassador program runs for a 1-month period and during this time you will be required to produce 2 high quality images featuring our products.

*You cannot under any circumstance share your personal 30% discount code with family or friends or buy products on their behalf. This code is for your personal use only. 30% not applicable to feeding sets.

^An initial purchase is required and a discount code will be provided once you are accepted onto the program. If, however, you already have items purchased from our store these can be used also.