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How To Clean Leather Soft Soled Baby Shoes

How To Clean Leather Soft Soled Baby Shoes

How to take care of your new leather baby shoes to make them last.

Every baby closet is likely to house at least one pair of soft soled leather baby shoes. They are perfect for growing baby feet. They're soft, flexible and easy to put on and take off. 

We Love Our Soft Sole Leather Shoes

But what happens when they get a dirty? How should you go about cleaning them? Yes, with pre-walkers crawling and early walkers exploring, baby shoes are destined to get a little dirty and light-coloured leather is particularly susceptible. As cute as they are, our wisp pink t Bars and white leather baby sandals will inevitably show dirt or smudges immediately.

Here are some fast and easy tips to follow when cleaning your baby or toddlers new soft sole shoes.

Cleaning Soft Sole Leather Shoes

First things first. Please DO NOT put in the washing machine. While some baby shoes may withstand ride in the machine, we strongly recommend against it for our shoe range. For a basic, quick clean, simply spot clean the dirt or blemish with water using a damp cloth. For tougher, more stubborn stains, you could add a bit of mild detergent. Here are some additional tips for taking care of and storing sole soled baby shoes:

  1. Do not use anything other than mild detergent to clean the shoes. And definitely do not iron or apply steam to them.
  2. If they're a bit squashed or out of shape, you can simply reshape the shoes by pushing a round soup spoon into the upper and footbed. Or insert a bit of scrunched white tissue paper into the toe.
  3. Always store your baby shoes when clean and never store them in plastic bags as it can attract unwanted moisture. Instead, store them in a cloth or hessian bag or a dry cardboard storage box.

Sommerfugl Kids 

By following the instructions above, you will ensure your new pair of Sommerfugl Kids baby shoes have a long life ahead — whether they're stored as a keepsake or re-emerge from the cupboard to be worn by siblings.

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